Work area

El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve and Flora and Fauna Protection Area Valle de los Cirios, Baja California

Line of action

Environmental awareness


From 2004 to date

As part of the Peninsular Pronghorn Recovery Program (PRBP), since 2004 ENDESU has operated an environmental awareness center to describe the importance of this species, the risk of its extinction and the actions that have been taken since 1997 to recover its populations and restore its habitat.

This Center has had several locations and is currently located in the area known as Llano del Berrendo on the Baja California peninsula. It has a site museum on the characteristics and importance of the El Vizcaíno desert and the possibility of visiting the Program’s operational camps. Guided tours, environmental awareness workshops, and cultural events are offered.


Facilities and surroundings of the Pronghorn Museum (MUBE)