Work area

Western Sierra of Jalisco

Line of action

Sustainable development


From 2022 to date

As part of the strengthening of conservation and sustainable production strategies in the Biocultural Landscape of the Western Sierra of Jalisco (PBSOJ) we are operating an agroforestry systems program (ProSAF) that aims to increase the productivity of livestock and agroforestry production units and the establishment and strengthening of climate-smart practices that recognize and promote the resilience of ecosystems and their structure through agroecological and agroforestry practices adapted to the PBSOJ region.

Agroforestry fuses perennial elements with agricultural crops and animals, promoting diversification and food production in a sustainable manner while conserving and recovering forest areas. Following this line of action, we are accompanying several groups of producers of cattle, corn, coffee, hibiscus, bio-inputs and ethnobotanical products through a ProSAF design; in the strengthening of the bio-inputs production unit; the establishment of Management Units for the Conservation of Wildlife (UMA) for the production of species linked to the program, and in the operation of demonstration plots.

With these actions, we seek to have an impact on the health of the forests, water bodies and quality of life in the communities where the ProSAF system will be applied, so that an increase in the forest cover of the intervened areas can be observed, as well as in the abundance of native plant and animal species of the region.

Our work includes a cross-cutting gender approach to address the needs of women and promote equity in the region’s rural communities.


Some photographs of our work in the area

ENDESU.TV | 6: The Biocultural Landscape | A new vision of environmental conservation.

Inspired by the figure of Regional Parks in France, the Biocultural Landscape is a pilot experience that seeks to prove that the economic, social and environmental development of a given territory is possible through the agreement of its inhabitants.