Work area

La Pimienta, Campeche

Line of action

Conservation and restoration


From 2022 to date

In 2022 we began, with a medium-term vision (4-5 years), the restoration of 450 hectares in the “La Pimienta” conservation area, in the Municipality of Palizada, Campeche. Environmental restoration is a multivariate process, since it involves interdependent environmental and biological variables that act each with their own established periods, such as, for example, the growth rate of each species or their sensitivity to climate or pests. This is why restoration takes several years to complete and, during this period, it is essential to monitor, supervise and technically accompany the process.

The first stage of this project consists of laying the foundations and infrastructure for the natural processes of plant growth and maturation to take place. To achieve this, it is necessary to carry out various activities such as land preparation, collection of native plant seeds, production of the required quantities of plants and planting.

At the same time, we carry out fire protection activities, implementation of techniques such as “nucleation”, which focuses on management models of the bio functionality of ecosystems that seek their integration with the natural landscape that surrounds them. This technique seeks the formation of microhabitats that allow a series of stochastic events for natural regeneration, such as the arrival of species and the formation of an interactive network between organisms.

The second stage of the project is based on monitoring, support and accompaniment of the restoration progress. Following this objective and in order to have a baseline of the fauna associated with the area, camera traps are used to compare changes in faunal biodiversity throughout the restoration process. In addition, workshops on various topics, such as planting techniques, creation of firebreaks and safety, are fundamental to the success of the project.


These photographs are examples of reforestation, revegetation and environmental recovery activities.