It is essential to change the way in which we, both as individuals and groups, have historically related to the planet in order to reverse environmental degradation. We need to understand our dependence ecosystems as providers of food, water, oxygen and many other vital resources for humans. With this in mind, we have started and manage a number of environmental education and awareness centers aimed at reaching both the general public and key actors locally. Each one of our projects includes an environmental education and awareness component as a line of action.

Recovering degraded ecosystems requires all of us to participate actively and consciously in spreading awareness of ecosystem importance and value.

This is our environmental education and awareness channel, where we present videos on environmental issues.
It is our own initiative to generate discussion and broadcast information on issues related to the restoration, conservation and care of the environment
La Casa del Agua: The House of Water
The main environmental awareness center in southeastern Mexico.
The center mission is to promote values in society for the conservation, protection and sustainable use of the natural heritage contained in the Centla Wetlands.
Shuck Toak Visitor Center
Visitor center in the El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and Great Altar Desert.
Its goal is to strengthen the culture of desert conservation through environmental education programs.


Since 2010 we have carried out regenerative livestock farming activities. We started on properties located within the Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve where we worked for eight years.